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ABOUT TSA Incubator

TSA Incubator  is a NFT education platform powered by blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies,  a one hub for creator and collector , is  a NFT investment and trading platform on Binance Smart Chain , Polygon and Ethereum network, powered by the native governance token TSA and DeFi solutions.  

It currently has 5 spaces: NFT Incubator , NFT Marketplace, TSA Collections, NFT Finance and TSA MetaPlay. TSA NFT Finance offers unique features by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm and stake.

TSAMetaPlay, bridges the gap between investment opportunities in the #DeFi world and #Virtual world and brings people together to learn, meet, trade and earn NFTs in an immersive virtual world from anywhere TSAMetaPlay GameFi Franchise will be launching on Blockchain and Metaverse including Sandbox , Dvision, Virbela and more.

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