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TSA Bitcoin Shop is your ultimate destination for Bitcoin gifts and premier education on Web3, Blockchain, NFT art & music, the Metaverse, and the transformative potential of these technologies in our lives and businesses.

At our shop, you can even create your own social tokens and NFTs, and purchase major cryptocurrencies to cover mining and gas fees.


Buy and Sell Cryptos

Bitcoin ATM & Retail POS Solution

Supporting the 40+ fiat currencies and   34+ new tokens across 15+ blockchains. Supporting new chains & cryptocurrencies promotes friendly crypto access, and together with our new partners Ramp, paving the way for a more interconnected and accessible digital financial world.

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Visit : 1347 Marine Drive , West Vancouver, Canada

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We offer a straightforward membership model where you keep 100% of your sales revenue! Simply choose a monthly membership based on your preferred display size and marketing program—no hidden fees or commissions.

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TSA Web3 Music 100 Album

Web3 Dictionary Album 100  is designed to provide very basic, simple, clear and easy to understand introductory explanations of new terms and technology surrounding the so called “Web3” as well as the “ Metaverse  ”.  These include things like blockchain, bitcoin, decentralized finance, NFTs, and more.


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Create Your Own Token

Launch your own, customised, real smart contract using Web3Social Key.

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NFT Art   

The new way to own art !

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Cold Wallet

Your Keys, Your Coins !

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Customize your cold wallet with your brand

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