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TSANFT Bitcoin House Franchise

Updated: Mar 17

An exciting opportunity to enter the booming world of Bitcoin sales.

We are delighted to offer a unique and lucrative retail Bitcoin franchise business opportunity, providing you with all the necessary support and resources to launch your own successful venture. As a Canadian licensed MSB (Money Service Business), we have the expertise and legal compliance to ensure a secure and compliant Bitcoin sales operation. By partnering with us, you will have access to our established network and benefit from our extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry. Highlight some key details about our franchise opportunity: Turnkey Setup: We will assist you in setting up everything you need to start your Bitcoin sales business. From legal compliance to operational infrastructure, we have you covered. Franchise Fee: The franchise fee starts from $25,000, granting you the rights to operate under our trusted brand name and leverage our proven business model. Bitcoin Point-of-Sale (POS) System: Upon joining our franchise, you will receive a state-of-the-art Bitcoin POS system. This will enable you to sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other major cryptocurrencies, as well as accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Ongoing Support: We are committed to your success. As part of our franchise network, you will receive free ongoing support, ensuring that you have the guidance and assistance you need every step of the way. Secure Code Wallets: To enhance the security of your customers' digital assets, we will provide you with various code wallets specifically designed for your store use. Crypto Conversion: You can activate cryptocurrency conversions and advanced trading functions within your platform, facilitating cryptocurrency withdrawals and payouts in fiat currencies including Euros, British Pounds, RMB, US dollars, and more. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, there has never been a better time to enter the Bitcoin sales market. As a franchisee, you will benefit from the growing demand for Bitcoin and other digital currencies while leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge. To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity and discuss how you can embark on a rewarding journey in the cryptocurrency industry, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We would be thrilled to provide you with additional details and answer any questions you may have. Secure your position in the lucrative Bitcoin sales market. Act now and join our successful franchise network!

TSA Incubator is super excited about the upcoming opening of TSANFT Bitcoin House Franchise. This Franchise is supported by TSA Incubator with the wholesale HQ based in Vancouver, BC.

Merchant Package by TSANFT Bitcoin House


1) Local MSB required

2) Store size: minimum 500 square feet.

3) Franchise fee US$25000- $35000

4) Minimum investment in USDT: USD$75000-$85000

5) Management fee :10-20%

We will help you set up everything you need. as TSA Merchant, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 1 BTC XPOS with $50,000 valued USDT

  • 100 BTC cold wallets , Debit Cards or Gift Cards, which can be used to pay for goods or future giveaways.

  • You can buy Cryptos on TSAIncubator with Credit Card/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay or sell Cryptos

  • 100 pieces of Metaverse Wearables & Web3 100 Dictionary for selling at your physical store if needed.

  • You can check this link for examples:

  • 2 weeks of the $BTC Merchant Free Training Classes at TSA Metaverse and our physical store and ongoing support.

Payment: We accept $USDT or Contact us for Bank Wire Information.

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What is BTC XPOS?

BTC XPOS has a Blockchain-integrated payment system, on top of the regular POS features. BTC XPOS helps businesses accept and process cryptocurrencies and enrich the retail experience for both merchants and consumers.

Some of the features of BTC XPOS include,

  • Instant transactions: it takes less than 0.5 seconds for BTC XPOS to finish a transaction.

  • Support Multiple Cross-Chain Digital Currencies: The BTC XPOS is digital currency neutral, so you can transact with your favorite coins or tokens like $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $USDT, etc.

  • Top Up Digital Currency With Ease: In addition to making payment, customers can acquire digital currencies like Bitcoin from the XPOS with ease. The experience is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.

  • Support XPOS On-chain Cashier $USDT BEP20 payments & Bitcoin on Lightening Network.

  • Support XPOS On-chain Sales selling $USDT BEP20 to any BSC address.


1: Reference Application Form For Retailer:

2: Reference Guide For Users

(How To Receive Cryptos From XPOS)

Step 1: download MetaMask on your phone:



Step 2: Add a network : Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Step 3:

Check your $BTC & $USDT on Binance Smart Chain, $BTC on Lightning Network, and $ETH on Ethereum Mainnet.

1): How to transfer $BTC from Lighting Network to Crypto Exchange accounts?

Download above apps:



LifePay Wallet



Trust Wallet


2): Reference Guide For Beginners (新手入门: 斐波拉契/布林带/TSA Blue Special/MACD/DCA的综合使用)




3) How to withdraw fund from TMGM an transaction with TRC20 USDT PXcard bitcoin cold wallet ?

a: Select withdraw fund with TRC20 Type USDT

b: Transfer USDT to your digital cold wallet PXcard or the exchange like Bybit or Bitget.

c: Exchange USDT to fiat through exchange or TSA Bitcoin Shop.


更多信息欢迎加入TSANFT比特币HOUSE Meetup Every Sat.每周四的分享会! 时间:5:00-8:00 PM 太平洋时间 (8:00 - 11:00 AM 北京时间)

Learn more about TSANFT Bitcoin House Franchise:


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What is TSA NFT?

TSANFT Incubator is a NFT educational platform powered by DeFi solutions and cryptocurrencies, a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. is one of the most powerful NFT investments and trading platforms built on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum network powered by governance token TSA Magic Box NFT and rewards token $TSA. We allow collectors to maximize value of their NFT collections by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm and stake.

It currently has 5 spaces: TSA Incubator, NFT Marketplace, TSA Collections, NFT Finance and TSA MetaPlay.

TSAMetaPlay, bridges the gap between investment opportunities in the #DeFi world and #Virtual world and brings people together to learn, meet, trade and earn NFTs in an immersive virtual world from anywhere. TSAMetaPlay GameFi Franchise will be launching on Blockchain and Metaverse including Voxels, Sandbox, Virbela, Dvision World, Connect.Club and more.

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