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TSA Metaverse

TSA NFT Metaverse Series’ theme is inspired by the Legendary Song Dynasty painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, also known in Chinese as Qingming Shanghe Tu (Simplified Chinese: 清明上河图).


TSA Metaverse Park embodies the spirit of Qingming Shanghe Tu, celebrating the excitement and hopes and dreams of collaborating in a new era of NFT, all in a beautiful and artistic format. Total Editions of 150 pieces.

Outstanding examples such as 19th century Parisian flower markets, London street art, Shih Tzu NFT café, CJAI NFT studio, a truly unique Mediteslation studio , TSA Metaverse Broadway river and more.



TSA Metaverse Park is partnered with iCashRewards VR Center to develop a digital piece of TSA NFT real estate, a total of 200,000 lots will be available. It is made up of virtual LAND, limited editions of virtual property, entertainment, various of avatars and more.


A Whole New World of Opportunity !

Each lot is a unique ( non-fungible ) token that functions as your entrance to access to TSA Metaverse Park.  Each lot is accessed exclusively by owning a collectible TSA Metaverse NFTs. The NFT sales directly fund the future development of TSA Metaverse.

Collectors can learn, build your property, trade NFTs and social networking.

  • Collectors can buy a predesigned 3D location and assets to customize their lot through TSA Studio and incorporate into the LOT.

  • Collectors can host events, enjoy VR experiences in shopping and entertainment - surf the waves at the Beach, play soccer, and social network.

  • Collectors can stake $TSA to earn and customize assets, monetize assets 

  • First 100 Collectors are entitled to access one metaverse VIP experience room anytime.


Besides the collectible value of rare TSA NFT Metaverse collections, holders of the TSA NFT Metaverse can also benefit from staking benefits to farm TSA or iCash on


1. Connect your wallet to #TSANFT
2. Go to “My Profile”
3. Click “Collected” to receive a tradable TSA metaverse
4. Stake NFT ,  resell or transfer

5: Access to TSA Metaverse studio , open every Friday from 1:30 PM PST to 5:00 PM PST. Download now.

6; Presale Address:  A) TSA Sandbox Gas Station     b) TSA Metarverse Studio



TSA NFT Studio is proud to present a new digital world of NFT art on TSA Broadway together with our talents from London, Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai and New York. Inspired by “Qingming Shanghe Tu”.

Outstanding examples such as 19th century Parisian flower markets, London street art, Shih CryptoPunks, CJAI NFT studio, a truly unique Mediteslation studio , Broadway street and more.


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