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Once in the Millennium #1

Price: 1,000 USDT

Artist: Cao Jun

Edition: 827281883000603


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Once in a Thousand Years Part 

The three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are the main components of Zhonglian's color in "One Encounter in a Thousand Years". German color psychologist Heinrich Frieling said that blue is equal to inhalation, yellow is equal to exhalation, and red is positive action. The breath of color and sound in the picture complements the natural atmosphere of the landscape, bringing the viewer into the world in the painting. Painting is not just "a painting", but an energy field, which surrounds the viewer and embraces all things in the universe.


Splashing ink is a way of expressing freehand landscape. The use of brush, ink, water, and paper collides and blends with each other to form a unique texture image effect. The triptych of the work "One Encounter in a Thousand Years" is inspired by Wang Qia's splash ink that represents the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and progresses to the present.


The combination of splashing ink and splashing color, large areas of ultramarine dye the sky and water, the sky and water blend, like clouds and fog, and seas and tides. The rosy mountains and rivers echoed each other, and there was a sense of prosperity in all things. After the prosperous Tang Dynasty, China, which had a strong national fortune once in a thousand years, also sincerely expressed Cao Jun and overseas patriotic Chinese artists' heart for the motherland.

Payment Notes:

1: Connect to your wallet or scan QR code with your wallet.

2: ETH address: 0x539db6158e07cd89Fc0295F28644c9A9578c92de

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