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TSA Bitcoin Shop's Digital Marketing Partnership

Updated: May 17

Enhance Your Reach with TSA Bitcoin Shop's Digital Marketing Partnership



At TSA Bitcoin Shop, we value efficient and effective marketing strategies that maximize reach with minimal hassle. We are excited to propose a digital marketing partnership campaign designed to leverage our mutual strengths and expand our customer bases.


Proposed Partnership Opportunities:


Joint Marketing Campaigns: We can co-host events or promotions, offering joint discounts, gift card purchases, or bundled products to attract and benefit our combined audiences.

Social Media Collaboration: By promoting each other on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and WeChat, we can increase our visibility and engage a wider audience through shared content, event previews, and customer testimonials.

Joint Content Creation: Together, we can produce blog posts, videos, or podcasts that discuss relevant industry topics, showcase our products, and share customer experiences, highlighting the synergy between our brands.

Complementary Product Bundles: If our products or services complement each other, collaborating on specific packages could provide customers with a more comprehensive shopping experience.

Cross-Promotion: We can include mutual recommendation links or ads on each other's websites, enhancing traffic and reciprocal promotion.

Offline Events: Hosting joint exhibitions, launch events, or customer appreciation events could provide direct engagement with potential customers.

Joint Loyalty Program: Participants can earn points or discounts for shopping across our brands. As a partner, you will also receive 1000 TSA tokens, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies like BTC, BNB, ETH, and Doge.

Customer Success Stories: Sharing stories from customers who have benefited from both of our services can serve as powerful testimonials to attract new clients.

Channels of Collaboration:


Online Visibility: Be featured in the iCashRewards online category, accessible at ( optional)

Weekly Video Social Marketing: Gain additional exposure through weekly shoutouts during the TSA meetup, broadcast across our social media channels.

Get Started Today:

For more information or to initiate a partnership, please contact us at or call 1.604.671.0133. You can also download our digital partnership package to explore further details.


TSA Window / Counter Sticker

TSA Promo Flyer

Photos from our retail partners

TSA Bitcoin Shop , 1347 Marine Drive , West Vancouver.

Zippet , 1361 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, Canada

Designer Alternations, 1369 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, Canada

Perfect Shot Studio, 245-1425 Marine Drive , West Vancouver

Bitcoin Meetups every Saturday Held at TSA Bitcoin Shop in Vancouver.

Interested in becoming our partner?

Boost Your Sales with CashReward's Digital Incentive Program powered by TSA Incubator

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