How to Generate High Return On Bidding TSANFT?

Updated: Jan 11

| Looking to generate high revenue? #TSANFT can be one of your best investments!

Take Penguin Punk NFT as an example: the original investment is 100 $USDT (around 20,000 $TSA). If you join the stake pool early, you can earn around 500 $TSA/week. With the stake pool's duration of 208 weeks, the final ROI can be around 420% for collecting only One TSANFT.

| TSA PenguinPunks NFT Moreover, you can enjoy the appreciation of $TSA and your NFTs.

The passive income increases the value of the NFT ( like staking to farm ). The price of our token increases as the floor price increases, and the passive income increases again because token price increases. Finally, the floor price will increase again, as well as the passive income increases.

TSA NFTs can also be traded and transferred on Opensea, TSAMFT Marketplace or Treasureland

| How to earn $TSA in TSA MetaPlay Ecosystem

1️⃣Stake TSA NFT to earn $TSA

2️⃣Stake TSA/BNB LP , TSA/ BUSD, TSA/ USDT, TSA/ ETH, TSA/ Matic LP to earn $TSA,

3️⃣#BidToEarn $TSA in TSA NFT Market and OpenSea

4️⃣#PlayToEarn $TSA in TSA MetaPlay Franchise ( Under Development )

If you haven't bought TSA yet, now is the best time.


Buy $TSA on Hotbit


Buy $TSA on PancakeSwap

Buy $TSA on TeaSwap

Buy $TSA on Quickswap

Buy $TSA on Uniswap

Bid now, Buy more!

Stake early, Earn more!

Buy here:

Stake here:


If you are interested in learning more about how generate revenue on TSA NFT, come and visit our #TSAMetaPlay Studio.

Enjoy an immersive day with #TSAMetaPlay to learn about #Investing in #NFTStaking on December 24th at 2:00 PM PST!

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