Who's The Boss?

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A collection of 300 limited editions of “Who's the Boss?” curated by TSANFT Incubator  (Normal & Rare) and living on the Polygon, the second market is supported by OpenSea and Rarible, staking farming is powered by TSANFT Staking ( https://www.teaswap.art/staking ). The proceeds from 101 editions will go to the foundation COME BACK ALIVE UA and support SUPPORT Ukraine.


The fundraising of "NFT for Ukraine" event has one goal: to SUPPORT Ukraine! With 100% proceeds going to the foundation of COME BACK ALIVE UA. In addition to a collectible value, the first 10 collectors will abe able to participate in the TSA Membership NFT stake pool to earn SHIB.  Support here.

Each NFT holder is entitled to receive a TSANFT Magic Box which can be staked in the TSA Staking Pool and start your journey to learn to earn Shib & other popular tokens, which can be converted easily to ETH, Matic, Sand, BTC & BNB. Upon completing staking and opening your blindbox, you will obtain a random and well-designed TSANFT which you can either sell to the TSA NFT marketplace or continue to stake to farm. 


About Art Impact Foundation

Art Impact is a non-profitable foundation registered in Canada in 2017. Donation record: Shihnft, Rotary Club of Vancouver, Art Umbrella and more. 

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