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TEAsWAP.Art 2.0 is Launching TSA NFT Marketplace with New Features!

TSA NFT 2.0 version will be launched very soon and here are some new feature highlights:

  • Once TSA Users connect to their wallet, they'll be able to see their balance of of TSA / BNB / ETH

  • TSA Users can access their account under "Activity" to create and collect NFT. In their account, they can also Mint NFT.

  • TSA NFT Marketplace accepts TSA, BNB, ETH, BUSD and other cryptocurrencies for trading NFT.

  • Upcoming Drops from four categories: CaoJun NFT Collectibes, TSA Metaverse Series and feature artwork from TSA Broadway and Charity Project.

  • TSA NFT member benefits include instructional videos on how to Mint and Sell NFTS on our YouTube Channel.

  • Participate in the TSA NFT Metaverse Club for regular training every Friday to learn about TSA reward systems


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