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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

去中心化金融通证经济和非同质化代币 NFT 的实际应用!

As you know, in 2021 the Crypto world is dramatically expanding especially in two ways – NFTs, or Non fungible tokens, and DeFi, otherwise known as decentralized finance. NFT and DeFi are not an either-or zero-sum pairing, but an evolution. Learn NFT initial art offering .

NFTs have value, while DeFi mobilizes assets with value, and secondary markets like the upcoming TSA Broadway Market will determine what value NFTs have…

The DeFi token economy is very robust and has been thriving due to its incentivized structure that encourages market participation for assets like NFT. Learn DeFi staking and earn NFT .

Today, successful digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have, but a critical business imperative, a key strategy for any company to thrive in the new economy.

The Digital Revolution is more than the sum of its parts, as it commands the evolution of our global society as a whole, promoting further collaboration and knowledge-sharing among nations around the world. One example of this collaboration is TSA NFT with Metaverse. Integrating TSA NFTs into VR is the next big thing. We are in this phase now .

TSA is now your home for incredible, innovative Digital NFT Art . Together, we invite our TSA members to dive into this new era of digital enlightenment.

What is TSA? TSA is a new cross-chain marketplace of digital NFT Art built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum networks, powered by the native governance token TSA and DeFi solutions. TSA brings together creators, collectors, curators, influencers, brokers, wallets, auctioneers around the world to the NFT digital space. It currently has 3 spaces: NFT Marketplace , NFT Incubator and NFT Finance. TSA NFT Finance can offer unique features by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm and stake.

TSA’s NFT signature collection is TSA Broadway, created by an all new TSA NFT Studio. TSA Broadway’s theme is inspired by the Legendary Song Dynasty painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”, also known in Chinese as Qingming Shanghe Tu (Simplified Chinese: 清明上河图 Traditional Chinese: 清明上河圖). It is a painting by the Song dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan (1085–1145), capturing the daily life of people and the landscape of the capital, Bianjing (present-day Kaifeng) during the Northern Song Dynasty. TSA Broadway embodies the spirit of Qingming Shanghe Tu, celebrating the excitement and hopes and dreams of collaborating in a new era of NFT, all in a beautiful and artistic format.

It’s clear that the DeFi token economy and NFT ART will take the crypto world by storm. TSA NFT Studio would like to take this opportunity together with our talents to proudly present a new digital world of NFT art on TSA Broadway inspired by “Qingming Shanghe Tu”. We now have 100 NFTs, with outstanding examples such as 19th century Parisian flower markets, London street art, Shih Tzu NFT café, and a truly unique Mediteslation studio, along with renowned works of artists from Toronto, Shanghai and New York.

TSA Broadway #1 "Voyage" By TSA NFT Studio

We are very excited to share this great development with our TSA community soon . Thank you for joining our Friday Tea Party TSA Talk. Let’s go TSA NFT!

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