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Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The One Hub for NFT Creators and Influencers


TSANFT is a new cross -chain marketplace of digital NFT Art built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network, powered by the native governance token TSA and DeFi solutions. TSA NFT Finance offers unique features by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm and stake.

It currently has 4 spaces: NFT Marketplace , NFT Incubator , NFT Finance and TSA MetaPlay.

TSA is the exclusive token to be used within iCashRewards eCommerce shopping rewards ecosystem and TSA Penguin Island MetaPlay (“TSA MetaPlay”).

TSAMetaPlayNFT, bridging the gap to better investment opportunities between #DeFi world and #Virtual world. located on Blockchain and Metaverse including Sandbox , Dvision and Virbela.

TSA Collections is bringing together the world of arts and fashion powered by blockchain technology into NFT digital space. Each collection, represented by an NFT, contains a unique art story. By collecting an NFT, users are able to redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks.

TSA Top NFT Collections are TSA Metaverse series, CaoJun CJAI limited editions of NFT Collectibles, TSA Metaverse Park and Peter Blake Limited editions. TSA collections showcases on TSA marketplace,Sandbox and Treasureland.

TSA also has been created to give TSA community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation, like RARI from Rarible and provide creators and collectors with the opportunity to propose and vote on platform upgrades and community development.

TSA is currently available to trade on Hotbit and latoken, as well as popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Quickswap, Pancakeswap, Teaswap, Backeryswap. The most popular trading pairs for TSA include TSA/USDT, TSA/BTC, TSA/BUSD, TSA/BNB ,TSA/ETH , TSA/Matic, TSA/Cake, TSA/ Bake, TSA/ Doge , TSA/Shib, TSA/Floki, and TSA.Shih. TSA provides yield farming opportunities for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and both cryptocurrencies within TSA community.

Together, We invites you to Log into the era of digital enlightenment!

TSA NFT百老汇一起邀请您登陆数字启蒙时代!

The Art of TEAsWAP ( "TSA" ) is now your home for incredible, innovative NFT Art. TSA brings together creators, collectors, curators, influencers, brokers, wallets, auctioneers around the world to the NFT digital space.

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This section includes Initial Staking and the On-Chain Liquidity Staking.

Token Name: TEAsWAP.ART

Contract Address:


TSA Token Contract Address:



TSA Token Contract Address;


The total supply of $TSA is 600 Million and the total supply of four Liquidity Staking is 420 Million. There will be five staking phases of $TSA staking, which are Initial Staking and four Liquidity Staking.

During the launch, 600 million $TSA will be generated.

The Initial Staking means investors can stake to mine the $TSA before we have the $TSA market price, which needs to be determined by the $TSA's Liquidity Pool; The four Liquidity Staking means investors can mine the $TSA through the $TSA's liquidity pool.


Phase I : $TSA Initial Staking - 30 Million (5%)

The total supply of $TSA initial staking is 30 Million, will be started on March 31, 2021 and will be finishing on June 16, 2021. Initial staking will be placed on various channels, which includes:

  • USDT/SAP Stake Pool @ SwapAll APP and SwapAll Trade (5.5M on May 1st)

  • BUSD, Doge, Bake, SHIB, BNB /Stake Pool @ TeaSwap (3 M, starting from April 26-June 16, 2021 )

  • BAKE Stake Pool @ BakerySwap ( 500,000 on May 18th)

  • Airdrops @ DeFi & NFT Communities & (<5,500,000 )

BNB Airdrops

TSA Airdrops

ETH Airdrops

NFT Airdrops

Wechat Channel Airdrops

Clubhouse Airdrops

Reddit Airdrops

Discort Airdrops

Twitter Airdrops

Instagram Airdrops

Youtube Airdrops

Telegram Airdrops

TSA and Icash Web Airdrops

Virbela event airdrops

TSA web 3,.0 test

Other Communities

Date: April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21-June 16

Term: Single address limit per user.


Contact: Email to request reward with your BEP20 address .

NFT Incubator ( IRO):

When: May 25 -June 16 , 2021

Community Partners ( 500,000)

Initial Art Offering for "CJAI NFT Collectibles & TSA Broadway NFT Series :

(2.6 M and 12.4M TSA )


Who is eligible to receive $TSA in the airdrop?

In order to participate, you have to be either 1) a registered TSA user or 2) to mint NFTS on TSA NFT Marketplace and more rewards of TSA or 3) to own NFTs with a price — meaning that you should have bought them on any platform that records data on-chain (on a marketplace, in a game pre-sale, etc). Fill out the form to claim $TSA.

*Tokens not distributed will be burned, making existing ones more scarce.

Phase II : Liquidity Staking and Reserving for NFT Broadway Market Liquidity Mining ("MLM") - 420 Million (70%)

  1. TSA tokens of 220 Million from Phase II are reserved for buyers and sellers on the NFT Broadway Market Liquidity Mining Rewards ("MLM")

TSA NFT+DeFi - TSA can offer unique features by combining NFTs and DeFi into one and allowing NFT collectors to yield farm, stake, or market their NFTs.

Further, MLM rewards will be distributed every week of every Monday by 12pm Pacific time to creators and collectors who made a sale or a purchase on TSA during the past week according to our MLM schedule . The first year, every Monday you will receive your portion of 180,000 TSA distributed weekly, according to the volume of your sales & purchases for the past week. Both buyers and sellers equally receive 50% of the weekly distributed amount. This will be the case after the NFT Broadway Market launched on June 22, 2021 and weekly sales above or equal $50000 and is subject to the terms and conditions of the TSA MLM Rewards Loyalty Program.

Updated on August 19, 2021 :

Total TSA tokens of 220 Million from Phase II are reserved for MLM and MetaPlay NFT Staking Economy

Subject to achieving weekly minimum sales of $50,000 ( TBD) , MLM rewards will be distributed in the first week of every Month Monday by 7pm Pacific time based on schedule below :

NFT Broadway Market Liquidity Mining Rewards ("MLM") Schedule:

When Weekly Monthly Yearly

Y1 180,000.00 900,000.00 10,800,000.00

Y2 360,000.00 1,800,000.00 21,600,000.00

Y3 720,000.00 3,600,000.00 43,200,000.00

Y4 1,080,000.00 5,400,000.00 64,800,000.00

Y5 1,326,666.67 6,633,333.33 79,600,000.00

Market Liquidity Mining Rewards ("MLM") will be also distributed through NFT staking pool. Deposit TSA NFT to earn TSA.

Releasing on November 4, 2021: Launching TSA MetaPlay NFT Staking Economy

After we have successfully launched five NFT earning staking pools since August 1, 2021, TSA is officially announcing TSA MetaPlay NFT staking economy ecosystem.

TSA charges 5% of NFT transaction fees .The fee will be divided into two parts:

50% will be allocated for the NFT Staking Pool.

The other 50% will go to TSA MetaPlay development and liquidity pool.

All of the TSA features and opportunities including NFT staking, transfer, multi currencies, and setting new price …will empower the TSA MetaPlay ecosystem and considerably increase value of the TSA token.

Additional Deflationary Mechanism

More TSA tokens will be burned empowering the value of TSA on the market according to TSA Token Economy .

2. The remaining of the total supply of $TSA of Liquidity Staking is 200 Million ( Remaining of 184,400,000 as date of December 6, 2020, ) . The Liquidity and NFT Staking pools will be planning on June 16, 2021; September, 16, 2021; December , 25, 2021; March 16, 2022; June 16, 2022; September, 16, 2022; and December , 25, 2022

  • BUSD/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ TeaSwap

  • BUSD/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ PancakeSwap ( Dec,25)

  • BNB/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ PancakeSwap

  • BNB/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ TeaSwap ( Dec,25)

  • USDT/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ TeaSwap

  • USDT/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ PancakeSwap ( Dec,25)

  • TSA/BNB-CJAI Liquidity Pool @ TeaSwap

  • TSA/ BNB- LOT Liquidity Pool @TeaSwap

  • TSA/ ETH- TSA Liquidity Pool @TeaSwap

  • TSA/ Doge - TSA Liquidity Pool @TeaSwap

  • Shih/ BNB-Shih Liquidity Pool @TeaSwap

  • Bake/TSA-TSA Liquidity Pool @ BakerySwap

  • TSA /Cake-TSA @ TeaSwap

NFT Staking pool

  • Penguin Punk NFT -TSA @ Teaswap ( Dec.25 )

  • TSANFT Metaverse II

  • TSANFT Metaverse

  • NorseMythology NFT


  • TSANFT Avatar

Other distributing methods: 150 Million (25%)

  • Team Reserved rewards: 120 Million (20%)

  • NFT holder's rewards: 30 Million (5%)


1: Who is eligible to receive $TSA in the NFT holder's rewards?

In order to participate, you have to 1) Mint NFTs at 2) You should have bought them on any platform that records data on-chain (on a marketplace, in a game pre-sale, etc) and have transferred to TSA NFT marketplace. Fill out the form to claim $TSA.

2: Team Reserved rewards: ( " Team Rewards")

The total amount of TSA token for team is 120 Million (20%) of the total amount of the token, 4 Million reserved for management team and be earned through providing their services, 116 Million will be released based on 1% per day from September 30 or purchase TSA at $0.05 in next 3 years , no more will be minted.

* Management team signed a 3 year vesting schedule on March 30, 2021.

*Tokens not distributed will be burned every quarter or right after event, making existing ones more scarce.

Team Rewards: % Release Date

10% at the time of Opening Liquidity Pool

15% 6 months from Liquidity Pool

15% 12 months from Liquidity Pool

15% 18 months from Liquidity Pool

15% 24 months from Liquidity Pool

15% 30 months from Liquidity Pool

15% 36 months from Liquidity Pool

Additional Token Metrics:

Total numbers $TSA of Presale to accredited investor: 500,000 Presale investor vesting schedule length 2+ years Team vesting schedule length* 3+years

* TSA will charge 5% transaction fee of NFT trade. . Royalty fee of 0-30% to creator or owner.

*TSA will partner with following nft channels to expand the NFTmarket:


1: How to Add Binance Smart Chain and BEP-20 / ERC-20 Token

2: Where Can You Buy $TSA ?

1) Due to the market condition, TSA is planning to trade on several mid-tier exchanges in June as well as popular decentralized exchanges like Teaswap, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Hotbit, and LATOKEN.

2) .The most popular trading pairs for TSA include TSA/BNB, TSA/BUSD, TSA/ETH, and TSA/USDT .


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