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TSA NFT: Tutorial Access

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Set Up:

TSANFT New Feature: Filter & Binance Smart Chain Wallet

TSANFT Marketplace Creators Category

How to Connect Your Digital Wallet to TSANFT on your Phone

How to Create Your TSA Profile

How to Mint Your NFT Artwork on TSANFT

Learn basic funtions :

How to Change NFT Price on TSANFT

TSANFT New Feature: Revoke

New TSANFT Feature: Set Price

How to Cancel Bid on TSANFT

TSANFT New Feature: NFT Transfer & Drop

How to Resell your TSALOT NFT

How to Find Your External URL 

How to Find Your Profile Vendor ID (Updated) 

How to Bid on an NFT on TSANFT

How to Accept a Bid for Your NFT on TSANFT

How to Resell an NFT on TSANFT

Buy NFTs:

How to Buy NFT on TSANFT Marketplace - Swap

How to Buy NFT on TSANFT Marketplace - My Profile

How to Buy NFTs on TSA NFT

TSANFT Newest Feature: Bid

How to Participate in TSA Metaverse LOT Offering (IRO), Purchase NFTs and Stake NFTs

How to Buy, Resell & Accept a Bid for NFTs on TSANFT


Where to Buy & Stake Penguin Punks NFT (and find your Referral Link)

TSANFT Staking Opportunity

How to Become a Liquidity Provider (LP) on TSANFT

Join TSA NFT Stake Pool! 

How to Withdraw, Harvest & Deposit on TSANFT (Updated)

TSA Collections:

HOT BIDS: TSA PenguinPunks NFT

TSA Metaverse NFT Series Available on TSANFT Marketplace

TSALOT NFT Series Available on TSANFT Marketplace

Norse Mythology NFT Series Available on OpenSea

Norse Mythology NFT Series Available on TSANFT Marketplace

TSANFT Avatar NFT Series Available on TSANFT Marketplace

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2: What is Cryptocurrencies?

  • NFTs had a breakout 2021 and trends have accelerated again in 2022.

  • Use cases for NFTs are growing, which is likely to drive mainstream adoption.

  • NFT staking opens up a new opportunity for collectors to monetize their NFT collections

  • It has become the new way to earn a passive income in the crypto world.

  • Staking NFTs already has a promising foundation which has produced results.

  • NFT staking is a great way to make extra passive income from your idle NFT collections.

  • Once the stake platform is fully completed, it shows you a way to enhance your future with rewards at regular intervals. You can start to learn your stake now with TSA incubator for a better future in DeFi world.

5: What is the Metaverse?

  • What Is NFT Staking?

  • How NFT Staking Works

  • NFT Staking Rewards

  • Best Platforms for NFT Staking

  • Is NFT Staking a Good Investment?

  • The Bottom Line on NFT Staking

But those are the two options. Minting can be a really great way to get into really successful projects early. It can be really hard to be able to mint.

Add a list of wallet addresses you want to have special access to mint, then launch your presale. When you are ready for the public sale, pause your pre-sale then start your public sale. Each time you start a presale or public sale you will have to start your contract, then pause, then restart your new sale with your parameters.

Once you start your public sale, these addresses won’t matter. Everyone will be able to mint based on your sale settings.

Execute your NFT sales, pre-sale list, and airdrops without needing a developer for coding.

As far as minting versus buying in the secondary market goes, it is all about risk versus reward. With the secondary market, you know what you are buying, especially in terms of rarity. You can find some bargains or decent rarities trading near the floor, but you do know what you are getting. I like to look for NFTs within the top one-third of rarity trading near the floor (within 10%). As far as minting goes, it's like buying a pack of baseball cards. You pay the set price and have no idea what you'll get. I did one mint and wound up with an NFT that was ranked in the bottom 20%. Its value fell below the mint price quickly. I did another mint and hit an NFT ranked 42nd out of 10,000 mints in terms of rarity. Being in the top .5% is pretty darn good. That being said, there are some projects like MetaChamps, where I'll go after the mint aggressively and pay a much higher than normal gas to get in on the mint.

Main Takeaways:

  • NFT coins are following close behind the success of NFTs, gaining popularity with investors and traders alike.

  • These NFT coins have a key role in NFT’s play-to-earn economy and the unfolding metaverse.

  • In this article, we introduce some of the most popular NFT coins and how they are being used in the metaverse ecosystem.

  • Find out how you can add popular NFT coins to your portfolio to gain exposure to the trending NFT space.

NFT coins are supporting the growth and economy of NFT and metaverse projects. Here are the top 5 hottest NFT coins and how you can buy them ...

21: A watershed moment for crypto, digital assets, and Web 3, akin to the 1996/1997 whole of government wakeup to the commercial internet.

How To Implement A Metaverse With NFTs

As you may have noticed, the metaverse is still a pretty new concept, and only a handful of companies have already built real solutions in this field that implement NFTs. Thus, if you see a use case for the combination in your business and have the resources to make it happen, you could be one of the first companies in your industry to take advantage of these two trends.

Because most companies do not have any VR developers employed on their payroll full time, we might recommend looking to work with a company that has many years of experience in building immersive apps. Companies might consider going down this road even if they have a few local developers, as they might lack platform-specific knowledge of VR software such as building with Unity and Unreal or implementing movement tracking. Knowledge of blockchain and NFT minting will also be helpful unless you want to take on these technical aspects yourself.

Hopefully, now you know the main ideas behind the two concepts and have a sense of where the market is headed. If you choose to embrace the metaverse and NFTs in your business, it could be a great chance to break away from competitors and paint your business as a future-oriented one.

30: $ETH will soon be transiting from a Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism to Proof of Stake (PoS). But what does PoS consist of? Your answer lies here

31:If you are an $ETH HODLer, this article is for you. Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming #Ethereum merge and how you can prepare for it.


33: what-is-wrapped-bitcoin

What Are the Most Popular Blockchain Bridges?

Because Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies, they are the most targeted for wrapping conversion. Likewise, because Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, it is most used for wrapping tokens.

To convert BTC into WBTC, visit Binance Bridge and connect your Binance account. Originally contained to Binance Smart Chain (rebranded to BNB Chain), it has expanded to support Tron, Ethereum, and Solana.

ENABLE BLIND SIGNING IN THE ETHEREUM (ETH) APP This tutorial will show you how to use your Ledger device to enable Blind Signing in the Ethereum (ETH) app.

35 Binance NFT Market


Meta Defi NFT Training

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Zksync ChainL


1: Voxel transfer

2:NFTs in your wallet

3: Top 10 Best Browser Crypto Wallets

Browser wallets are crypto wallets that are designed to be used via your web browser.

Let us review10 different browser wallet projects across four different wallet styles. They are:

Browser extensions

  • MetaMask

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Binance Wallet

  • GameStop Wallet

  • Phantom Wallet

  • Rabby

  • Math Wallet

Browsers with built-in wallets

  • Brave

  • Opera

“Any browser” wallet services

  • WalletConnect

  • Portis

Browser-compatible desktop wallets

  • Frame

Today we’ll not go over the pros and cons of each of these wallets, but i will share with you “Which is the best overall browser wallet available today?”

Let’s find out…based on market survey from Bankless, We currently think WalletConnect (9.2/10) is the best overall product as it’s an excellent “meta-wallet” in that it lets you connect wherever you want, however you want.

Running closely behind in second place is MetaMask (9/10), which has set the standard in the crypto-economy for direct wallet connections in general, and will likely continue to do so.

Browser extensions

  • MetaMask — 9/10

  • Coinbase Wallet — 8/10

Browsers with built-in wallets

  • Brave — 8/10

  • Opera — 7/10

“Any browser” wallet services

  • WalletConnect — 9.2/10

  • Portis — 6.5/10

Browser-compatible desktop wallets

  • Frame — 5.5/10

We already know that Ledger, Rainbow, and Argent are pivoting toward their own respective native browser wallets, and these efforts are likely just the tip of the iceberg going forward.

Please find a list of our TSA videos in Chinese and News Release below :


TSA NFT Stake Pool|August 16

TSA NFT 抵押池|8月16日

How to Buy NFT on TSA NFT Marketplace (No.2) - Swap

如何在TSA NFT交易平台购买NFT (No.2) - 置换

TSA Metaverse Club Launching Initial Lot Offering


How to Mint your NFT Artwork on TeaSwap.Art ( No. 1)

如何在TeaSwap.Art的NFT交易平台上铸造自己的艺术作品( No. 1)

How to Access Your TSA Profile


How to Create Your TSA Profile

如何创建你的TSA 个人资料

Learn to Bid for NFTs


How to Harvest & Withdraw Deposit on TSANFT (Updated)

如何在TSA NFT交易平台提取harvest& 本金 (更新)

How to Buy NFT on TSA NFT Marketplace (No.1) - My Profile

如何在TSA NFT交易平台购买NFT (No.1) - 我的个人资料

How to Buy NFT on TSA NFT Marketplace (No.4) - Buy, Resell & Accept a Bid for NFTs

如何在TSA NFT交易平台购买NFT(No.4) - 购买,转售& 投标NFTs

How to Buy NFT on NFT Marketplace (No.5) - How to Bid on an NFT on TSANFT

如何在TSA NFT交易平台购买NFT(No.5) - 如何为NFTs竞价

How to Buy NFT on NFT Marketplace (No.6) - How to Bid on an NFT on TSANFT

如何在TSA NFT交易平台购买NFT(No.6) - 如何为NFTs竞价

TSA Initial Art Offering ("IRO") | June 16 #TSABroadway Series NFT Collectibles

TSA首次公开发行 ("IRO") | 6月16日 #TSABroadway 系列NFT收藏品

TSA DeFi Training #2 | TSA Staking is Officially Open on May 17!

TSA DeFi Training #2 | TSA抵押将在5月17日正式开放!

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